Managing Stakeholders using Soft Skills

This course aims at assisting project managers, assistant project managers, and team members working in a functional (hierarchical) and a non-hierarchical environment involving team members from various functional units. Project Managers working in diverse environments and across various functional units have to acquire specific leadership skills to ‘better sell’ their project objectives to their teams. They should also develop special skills to foster the performance of their teams as well as individually deal with team members for better career development. The course is sub-divided into three parts addressed in three separate days focusing on three primary areas: leadership, Team Performance Management, and People Development. The course also primarily includes workshops and activities to help participants better understand their roles’ expectations and to develop specific skills to deal with challenging situations in various project environments.

Narongrit Ananchaipattana

Highly recommend this course to anyone struggling with the starting to earn PMP certificate and transition or improve in the Project Management role.The knowledge I have gained from not only PMP preparation examination but also improve Project Management Skill in the real world situation. Five days are amazing and all areas of my management job [...]

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Key Features of Managing Stakeholders Using Soft Skills Workshop

What You Get in Class

  • Correctly positioning the project’s statement of work to project team members
  • “Selling” the objectives of the project to team members and project sponsor
  • Influencing team members to perform their designated project work
  • Develop strategies to manage various stakeholders
  • Develop influencing and communication management techniques
  • Problem solving and brainstorming issues on projects
  • Bringing the project team member back in line with their project activities and work commitments
  • Conducting a project meeting with team members from various functional units
  • Negotiating with team members for better project results


  • Highly experienced speaker and trainer
  • Certified Project Management Professional PMP®
  • Certified Risk Management Professional PMI-RMP®
  • Vice President at one of the largest Thai Telecommunications conglomerates
  • Managed large Projects and Programs in Thailand and South East Asia
  • Director and Volunteer at PMI Thailand Chapter in the last 7 years
  • Instructor at various Thai and International Universities in Thailand
  • Passionate about Project Management

Course Objectives

Participants will be able to understand how the three roles – leadership, team performance management, and project team development – support the successful delivery of projects within functional or matrix organizations. Following are focus areas around which various activities and workshops will be held:

Target Audience

  • Project Managers
  • Assistant Project Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Assistant Team Leaders
  • Project Administrator or Project Coordinators

Leadership – discussion and activities address how project managers:

  • Correctly position their project objectives.
  • “Sell” their project mission to their team members.
  • Influence their team members for better performance.

Team Performance Management – discussion and activities address how project managers:

  • Identify success factors for cross-functional management.
  • Coordinate team members and activities across functions.
  • Negotiate with team members or functional managers or anyone else for mutual benefits.

Project Team Development – discussion and activities address how project managers:

  • Develop their team members and motivate them to grow in their careers.
  • Identify each team member’s degree of autonomy.
  • Share responsibilities with line managers.

Delivery Method

Instructor led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.


No prerequisites required

Course Duration

Three Days

Course Outline


Stakeholder Management Concepts

What is Stakeholder Management?

Stakeholder Involvement in Projects

  • Correctly positioning your project and business case (its legitimacy)
  • “Selling” your project objectives
  • Influence others: onboard your project team members
  • Influence others: be assertive and communicate effectively

  • Success factors for cross-functional management
  • Coordination across functions
  • Sharing responsibilities with resource managers
  • Bring results back in line with team commitment
  • Managing and Cooperating
    • Negotiating using the Win-Win Approach.
    • Concessions and Trade-offs

  • Success factors to help team members grow
  • Identifying project team members’ degree of autonomy
  • Sharing responsibilities with the functional/resource managers

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