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Project Victor represents a group of Project Management Experts, consultants, and certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) focused on providing project management training and consulting services to companies in Thailand and South East Asia.

We call ourselves “Project Victor” because we believe a “great” Project Manager is key to Project Success at any firm. Unless a Project Manager or team member within a Project Team receives proper management training and unless they become familiar with Project Management Standards (Project Management Body of Knowledge – PMBOK®) and principles, it becomes difficult for companies (or designated departments such as the Project Management Office) to apply a unified Standard or methodology to implement or execute projects.

A “great” Project Manager learns from experience and applies recommended techniques and standards (Project Management Institute or PMI standards for instance) in initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and controlling, and closing projects.

A Project Manager may complete projects without the necessary need of learning recommended principles and standards. The questions remain:

  • Have the projects been completed on schedule?
  • Have the projects been completed within budget?
  • Has the Project Manager successfully delivered all Project Deliverables per the original Scope of Work?
  • Is the customer satisfied with the deliverables?
  • Has the Project Manager managed all risks thoroughly throughout the project and have they ensured such risks did not negatively impact any of the Project Stakeholders?

Completing a Project or delivering customers’ requirements are not necessarily the only indicator of Project Success. Project Managers may manage to deliver outcomes but that does not necessarily imply they have done so while ensuring the company is profitable from such delivery. Such Project Managers focus on completing their job and do not necessarily prioritize stakeholders’ constraints (time, schedule, and cost). The customer may be concerned with cost only whereas the Project Manager may be focused on schedule or vice versa.

Project Victor Can Assist You!

Project Victor provides Project Management training and consulting services in Thailand. We are also happy to guide companies and/or individual professionals towards obtaining PMI’s professional credentials and certifications. For any inquires regarding our services, feel free to contact us or call us at (66) 81 754 2121.

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