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Luck is when preparation meets opportunity
Professionals interested in getting their PMP certification quickly and on the first attempt should take the Project Victor PMP Exam Prep course led by Petros Rigas. From the beginning Petros provides a clear roadmap as to what will be necessary to pass the PMP certification exam on the first try. This includes guidance on frameworks for learning content (mnemonics, stories, processes), what kinds of information should be prioritized (eg learning the inherent logic behind the PM processes, not just memorizing inputs and outputs), and how to make the best use of materials he is providing (how to work through his custom presentations, when to consult additional resources, when to take practice questions and tests). The classes themselves are focused on delivering all the content with just the right amount of explanation / interaction sessions to make the content accessible, digestible, and most importantly, memorable. I found his classes informative and most importantly interesting, such that I enjoyed the class time. This in turn made remembering the content so much easier. Moreover, Petros has accomplished quite a feat; whereas I found reading the PMBOK being akin to eating sawdust without any water to drink, Petros’ materials were the next best thing to Neo learning Kung Fu in the Matrix; ready for absorption and understanding straight away. If you want to save yourself time, struggle, and agony while on your way to a PMP certification, take the opportunity provided by Petros’ course, apply your preparation and hardwork, and fashion for yourself good luck to pass the exam the first time around.

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