Saran Udomsri

I highly recommend this excellent PMP Exam Prep course to anyone who aim to get PMP certification. This course was conducted by the high experienced instructor. I’ve really learned and… Read more “Saran Udomsri”

Thomas Pate

Amazing working knowledge Mr Rigas has a unique ability to relay ALL aspects of Project Management to practical, real life environments regardless of the business application. His passion and extensive… Read more “Thomas Pate”

Watanabe Shiro

Senior Executive Officer – Plan and Proposal Department I passed the PMP exam on my first try! Thank you Project Victor, the Instructor, Dr. Rigas. Because of his hard training… Read more “Watanabe Shiro”

Thomas Vasconi

I was searching for a Project Management course to supplement the one I previously took part internally, and I found Project Victor PMP course! Further to a discussion with Dr.… Read more “Thomas Vasconi”

Paisan Chantawitchapraphar

Senior Specialist -Digital Project Management The PMI ACP Exam Prep course by Project Victor is very helpful. The course helps facilitate complete and comprehensive knowledge necessary for the PMI Agile… Read more “Paisan Chantawitchapraphar”

Damrongwit Preecha

Solution Engineer Assistant Manager I just passed the PMP exam on my first try! Thank you Project Victor, especially The Instructor, Dr. Rigas. He did not train only the exam… Read more “Damrongwit Preecha”

Djordje Vdovic

Regional Logistics Officer It is rare to attend a training where the facilitator is able to present both superb theoretical knowledge and real-life examples, pull prepared slides and ad-hoc business… Read more “Djordje Vdovic”

Nurilya Yzabekova

Manager I would like to thank you Dear Mr. Petros for all lessons that I got from PMP preparation course. For me and especially for the all materials which I… Read more “Nurilya Yzabekova”

Jorma Manninen

Managing Director I think Dr. Petros Rigas is one of the top instructors in project management and the PMP Exam Preparation Boot Camp is a valuable learning experience especially, if… Read more “Jorma Manninen”

Sukawat Penpokai

Amazing PMP Class The training is conducted in the way that is easy to follow and understand. The course materials are well prepared and very comprehensive. Petros provided good examples… Read more “Sukawat Penpokai”

Kenny Lau

Highly recommended. The course instructor not only delivers the materials comprehensively, but being a practitioner himself, shared with us many of his professional experience as case studies, reinforcing our learning… Read more “Kenny Lau”

Kiat Inthuwannarat

Project Manager The PMP Exam Prep Course is really helping me speed up my preparation. The sessions are very structured, comprehensive and interactive. The instructor, Dr. Petros, has deep knowledge… Read more “Kiat Inthuwannarat”

Louail Al Heib

This Excellent PMP course provided by Project Victor is really well managed! You will benefit from very good conditions sitting in a high standard hotel and with very good material… Read more “Louail Al Heib”

John Anderson

Dr Petros Rigas delivers an outstanding course. Petros is passionate about teaching project management. If you are serious about getting your PMP, then look no further than his 5 day… Read more “John Anderson”

Khietisak Khaipho

The PMP exam prep course was recommended by my boss who attended this course before and passed the exam as a result. I attended this course in Sep’2016 and passed… Read more “Khietisak Khaipho”

Piriya Nimnakorn

Learning PMP with Passion Highly Recommended!! This course is for those who wants to earn PMP certification or simply wants to gain knowledge in Project Management. The instructor teaches with… Read more “Piriya Nimnakorn”

Yada Limwikrant

ERP Consultant Ever thought, to obtain PMP Certification is like walking in the maze. After only 5-day PMP Exam Prep course with Project Victor, such thought has been gone. It… Read more “Yada Limwikrant”

Thamrong Phansura

Very impressive 1-day session I had a chance to attend 1-day course PMP exam prep session with Mr. Petros Rigas. He said it was his first time to deliver all… Read more “Thamrong Phansura”

Apisak Wonglaksanapimol

PMO Head Thank you very much to Dr. Petros I am very surprised that I can passed the PMP exam on my first try! I believe everyone who follows your… Read more “Apisak Wonglaksanapimol”

Muang Lertpiroon

Don’t believe in luck to pass PMP exam! Even with only 1 day boot-camp training workshop but it would help me a lot to gain a lot of knowledge &… Read more “Muang Lertpiroon”

Ravikumar Bobba Durga

Senior Manager – Engineering Section, Structural I was having tough time preparing for PMP certification exam until I had attended 1-day PMP training course given by Dr. Petros Rigas. His… Read more “Ravikumar Bobba Durga”

Tisa Tontiwatkul

Let’s get PMP Not only you will pass the PMP exam but also you will gain a lot of knowledge of project management if you join PMP Exam prep. Personally,… Read more “Tisa Tontiwatkul”

Manoj Ramdasji Savarkar

Dear Dr. Petros Rigas and Project Victor Team, First I would like to ‘Thank you’ for your best coaching for passing PMP Exam. I recommend coaching by Mr. Petros Rigas… Read more “Manoj Ramdasji Savarkar”

Hani Bagazi

Hi all, I attended the Course provided by Project Victor Team – presented by Highly qualified Dr. Petros Rigas. Proper and smooth way to explain and covered topics at different… Read more “Hani Bagazi”

Sunil Chaudhari

I attended PMP prep course in May’ 16. I took PMP exam recently & passed in First attempt. Course materials are presented in comprehensive manner which covers the contents of… Read more “Sunil Chaudhari”

Nathatai C.

I would like to say a big thank you to Dr. Petros’s PMP preparation course, this course trained by him really helped me to gain perspectives to pass the exam.

Maytinee Opaspanwong

Position I seeking for the Job: Project Manager / Project management / Independent Consultant I decided to join PMP Exam Prep course at Project Victor during May 2017 with my… Read more “Maytinee Opaspanwong”

Dr. Waranya Atchariyachanvanich

I found the course material aligns with the PMBOK well and provides additional examples of calculation questions and real project management practices. Many tips and examples raised in the class… Read more “Dr. Waranya Atchariyachanvanich”

Anne-Marie Delalande

Operations Project Manager Thank you to Petros Rigas for his enthusiasm and passion in Project management. The 5 day exam preparation course is very helpful and make it easy to… Read more “Anne-Marie Delalande”

Jinda Srisinampai

Project Management, Independent ERP Consultant I think learning about Project Management is allowed us to understand the best practice and it is Preventive. 5 days PMP exam preparation at Project… Read more “Jinda Srisinampai”


Operations Division Manager I joined Project Victor PMP Exam Preparation Course and completed the course on May 27. Dr. Petros Rigas provided me with in-depth details of the project management… Read more “SOMKID THAIPHAN”

Maik Nysar

Product Manager The PMP Exam preparation was a well organized and professional executed 5 day event. The chosen location (Novotel Ploenchit) offered an excellent class room and good food/drinks. During… Read more “Maik Nysar”

Sumit Agrawal

I had attended the PMP Exam Prep Course from Project Victor on Jan 2016. I was initially struggling to understand some of the concepts of the PMBOK, but after joining… Read more “Sumit Agrawal”

Gunppong Pongputhaneaj

I was searching for a Higher opportunity in Construction Management but I found PMP. At first, I am afraid to engage with this course but a professional instructor change my… Read more “Gunppong Pongputhaneaj”

Kitti Boonsompop

First, thank you for delivering the comprehensive and intensive course that helped much in preparation for the exam and to understand the concepts clearly so that I passed the test… Read more “Kitti Boonsompop”

Palat Yimprasert

I joined the PMP Exam Prep with Project Victor in Oct 2015. It was 5 days intensive, comprehensive and, well organized course. The instructor pointed out all key topics and… Read more “Palat Yimprasert”

James Hines

I recently attended and completed the Project Victor Project Management Professionals (PMP) exam prep course presented by Dr. Petros Rigas. The course content and the manner in which it was… Read more “James Hines”

Joseph Heath

Project Victor’s PMP Exam Prep was an invaluable part of my study for the PMP exam. Dr Petros delivers a concise set of study materials, explained by a passionate instructor.… Read more “Joseph Heath”

Tom Hunter

My thanks to everyone at Project Victor for a well presented course, in an excellent venue. All study materials were relevant and detailed and delivered by PMI practitioners in the… Read more “Tom Hunter”

Veerachai Suwanmajo

Very good experience I have attended the PMP training course given by Dr. Petros Rigas. I think that he is a very good lecturer who has provided and presented the… Read more “Veerachai Suwanmajo”

Richard Mills

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity Professionals interested in getting their PMP certification quickly and on the first attempt should take the Project Victor PMP Exam Prep course led by… Read more “Richard Mills”

Warawuth Hasitpanichkul

Senior Project Manager Thank you for delivering the highly invaluable knowledge for both PMP exam and my project management skill. Dr. Petros Rigas encouraged, motivated, and supported to help everyone… Read more “Warawuth Hasitpanichkul”

Damien Roussel

Regional Project Manager All you need is in this class. Go for it if you want to be PMP Certified. Petros is super dynamic and he has succeeded to make… Read more “Damien Roussel”

Panthep Montian-art

Deputy Project Manager This class not only helped me pass the exam but it also gave me guidelines to manage my projects. Dr. Petros summarizes every knowledge area clearly and… Read more “Panthep Montian-art”

Narongrit Ananchaipattana

Highly recommend this course to anyone struggling with the starting to earn PMP certificate and transition or improve in the Project Management role.The knowledge I have gained from not only… Read more “Narongrit Ananchaipattana”

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