Project management training is usually targeted at project managers and other senior project professionals. But what about company executives? The project sponsor and other senior executives need some knowledge of formal project management as well – for two reasons. First, executives must understand the terminology and concepts that the rest of the staff is learning so that they can communicate intelligently. Second, they must understand the role they play in ensuring that the project management processes are implemented successfully in their organizations. It’s not just about project managers. All of the management hierarchy has a role to play in ensuring their organizations successfully implement the project management discipline.

Do your senior executives require five days of training to get the proper level of understanding? No, they don’t need that level of detail. This class provides this high-level overview of project management concepts and the role of executive management in a fast-paced half day session.

Through an intensive real-world, project scenario, this training course provides you with complex project management techniques, the knowledge to understand and communicate project complexity, and a toolkit of templates and productivity tools that will help you back at work as you make recommendations and decisions throughout a project lifecycle.

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Key Features of Project Management for Executives

What You Get in Class

  • Discuss the general concepts and processes of project management
  • Understand how to perform a quality assurance role on projects in your organization
  • Practice active sponsorship and advocacy for a project management initiative
  • Provide governance to ensure the correct processes and standards are followed
  • Describe the value that project management provides to the organization
  • Incorporate the science of complexity into project management strategies
  • Manage complex projects involving strategic risks
  • Apply a complexity assessment model and adaptive process
  • Minimize uncertainty by leveraging best practices from Critical Chain, Agile, and Lean approaches

Who Should Attend

  • Managers at all levels that have projects in their areas
  • Client and customer managers, especially those at a level to sponsor projects


No pre-requisites required.

Course Duration

4 hours. PMPs are eligible for 4 PDUs

Course Content

  • The Triple Constraint
  • Types of Project Resources

  • Project Objectives
  • Authority and Job Descriptions
  • Accountability
  • Project Management Skills
  • Project Sponsorship
  • Project Failures

  • Benefits
  • Quantifying the Benefits

  • How Executives Interface Projects
  • The Executive Sponsor’s Role

  • Types of Sponsor Involvement
  • Gate Review Meetings
  • Sponsorship Problems
  • Project Champions versus Exit Champions
  • Kickoff Meetings for Projects
  • Taking the Lead
  • Reward Project Teams
  • Enterprise Project Management
  • Executive Involvement (with Trade-offs)

  • The New Role for Executives
  • Activities for the Project Management Office
  • The Executive Interface
  • Conclusions

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