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PMP Exam Prep (July 2017)

July 15 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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An event every 1 week(s) on Saturday and Sunday that lasts 0 day(s) and 9 hour(s), the last of which will begin on July 29, 2017

Project Victor PMP RegisterYour ability as a project manager to demonstrate best practices in project management—both on the job and through professional certification—is becoming the standard to compete in today’s fast-paced and highly technical workplace. This course expands upon the basic concepts of project management you discovered in a Project Management Fundamentals course and covers in-depth the essential elements of managing a successful project. Focusing on the generally accepted practices of project management recognized by the Project Management Institute, Inc. PMI®, this PMP Exam Prep course offers you a standards-based approach to successful project management across application areas and industries. You will learn the essential PMBOK® Guide terminology, tools and techniques required to pass the PMP® exam. You will receive a copy of Rita Mulachy’s PMP Exam Prep — Eight Edition (Updated) and more than 600 practice exam questions.

Total Cost for all 5 Days: 40,000 THBLearn More Project Victor

Early Bird Registrations (Prior to April 28, 2017): 35,000 THB

Day One


Course Guidelines

Exam Eligibility

Exam Application Procedure

PMP Credential Maintenance

About the PMP Exam

Types of Questions

How to Study

Exam Day Preparation

Exam Tips

Top Reasons for Exam Failure


The Project Management Framework Organizational Influences and Project Life Cycle Project Management Processes Integration Management Integration Management Processes

Develop Project Charter

Develop Project Management Plan

Direct Manage Project Work

Monitor and Control Project Work

Perform Integrated Change Control

Close Project or Phase


Scope Management Concepts Scope Management Processes

Plan Scope Management

Collect Requirements

Data Gathering Techniques

Define Scope

Scope Definitions and Differences

Define Scope Exam Tips

Create WBS

WBS Concepts

Sample WBS

WBS Levels

WBS Dictionary

Scope Baseline

Validate Scope

Data vs. Information

Control Scope

Day Two


Time Management Concepts Time Management Processes

Plan Schedule Management

Define Activities

Sequence Activities

Activity Relationships

Types of Dependencies

Leads and Lags

Estimate Activity Resources

Estimate Activity Durations

Need for Reserves

Estimate Techniques

One-point Estimating

Analogous Estimating

Parametric Estimating

Regression Analysis

Learning Curve

Three-Point Estimating

Triangular Distribution

Beta Distribution

Reserve Analysis and Estimation

Develop Project Schedule

Schedule Network Analysis

Critical Path Method (CPM)

Schedule Compression


Resource Optimization

Critical Chain Method

Schedule Baseline

Control Schedule

Day Three


Cost Management Concepts Cost Management Processes

Plan Cost Management

Analytical Techniques

Additional Techniques

Cost Management Plan

Estimate Costs

Types of Costs

Estimation Techniques

Estimate Costs Tools

Accuracy of Estimates

Determine Budget

Control Costs

Control Costs Techniques

Progress Reporting

Reserve Analysis

Earned Value Management


Quality Management Concepts Quality Theories More Quality Concepts Quality Management Processes

Process Differences

Plan Quality Management

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Cost of Quality (COQ)

Seven Basic Quality Tools

Cause and Effect Diagram

Flowchart (Process Map)


Pareto Chart


Control Charts

Scatter Diagrams

More Quality Tools


Design of Experiments (DOE)

Three or Six Sigma

Perform Quality Assurance

Quality Audits

Process Analysis

Affinity Diagrams

Process Decision Program Charts (PDPC)

Interrelationship Diagraphs

Tree Diagrams

Prioritization Matrices

Activity Network Diagrams

Matrix Diagrams

Control Quality

Quality Control Concepts

Day Four


Human Resource Management Concepts Roles of Project Key Stakeholders Human Resource Management Processes

Plan Human Resource Management

Plan Human Resource Management Inputs

Tools and Techniques

Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)

RACI Chart (Responsible, Accountable, Consult, and Inform)

Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS)

Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS)

Position Descriptions

Plan Human Resource Management Outputs

Human Resource Management Plan

Roles and Responsibilities

Project Organization Charts

Staffing Management Plan

Acquire Project Team

Acquire Project Team Inputs

Tools and Techniques



Virtual Teams


Multi-criteria Decision Analysis

Halo Effect

Types of Teams

Develop Project Team

Develop Project Team Inputs

Tools and Techniques

Interpersonal Skills (Soft Skills)


Team Building Activities

Stages of Team Formation and Development

Ground Rules

Colocation (Tight Matrix)

Recognition and Rewards

Team Performance Assessment

Manage Project Team

Manage Project Team Inputs

Tools and Techniques

Observation and Conversation

Project Performance Appraisal

Conflict Management

Interpersonal Skills

Powers of the Project Manager

Management and Leadership Styles

Other Important Terms, Topics, and Theories

Expectancy Theory


Perquisites (Perks)

Fringe Benefits

Four Motivation Theories

McGregor’s Theory X and Y

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory

David McClelland’s Theory of Needs (Acquired Needs Theory)


Communication Management Concepts Communication Management Processes

Plan Communications Management

Plan Communications Management Inputs

Tools and Techniques

Communications Requirements Analysis

Communications Technology

Communication Methods


Pareto Chart

Plan Communications Management Outputs

Communications Management Plan

Manage Communications

Communication Blockers

Performance Reporting

Types of Performance Reports

Control Communications


Risk Management Concepts Risk Management Processes

Plan Risk Management

Plan Risk Management Inputs

Plan Risk Management Outputs

Risk Categories (Risk Breakdown Structure)

Identify Risks

Identify Risks Inputs

Tools and Techniques

Documentation Reviews

Information Gathering Techniques


Delphi Technique


Root Cause Analysis

Check-list Analysis

Assumptions Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Diagramming Techniques

Identify Risks Outputs

Risk Register

Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

Tools and Techniques

Probability and Impact Matrix

Risk Data Quality Assessment

Risk Categorization

Risk Urgency Assessment

Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis Outputs

Risk Register

Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

Tools and Techniques

Expected Monetary Value Analysis

Decision Tree

Monte Carlo Analysis

Sensitivity Analysis

Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis Outputs

Risk Register

Plan Risk Responses

Tools and Techniques

Strategies for Negative Risks

Strategies for Positive Risks

Strategies for Positive/Negative Risks

Plan Risk Responses Outputs

Important Points/Concepts

Control Risks

Control Risks Inputs

Tools and Techniques


Risk Audit

Risk Reassessment

Status Meetings

Reserve Analysis

Closing of Risks

Control Risks Outputs

Day Five


Procurement Management Concepts Procurement Management Processes

Plan Procurement Management

Plan Procurement Management Inputs

Tools and Techniques

Make-or-Buy Analysis

Contract Types

Other Terms to Know

Market Research

Plan Procurement Management Outputs

Procurement Management Plan

Procurement Statements of Work

Procurement Documents

Source Selection Criteria

Change Requests

Conduct Procurements

Conduct Procurements Inputs

Tools and Techniques

Proposal Evaluation Techniques

Procurement Negotiations

Conduct Procurements Outputs

Control Procurements

Issues to Watch For

Control Procurements Inputs

Tools and Techniques

Contract Change Control System

Procurement Performance Reviews

Inspection and Audits

Performance Reporting

Payment Systems

Claims Administration

Records Management System

Contract Interpretation

Control Procurement Outputs

Close Procurements

Close Procurements Inputs

Tools and Techniques

Procurement Audits

Procurement Negotiations

Records Management System

Close Procurements Outputs


Stakeholder Management Concepts Stakeholder Management Processes

Identify Stakeholders

Identify Stakeholders Inputs

Tools and Techniques

Stakeholder Analysis

Power/Interest Grid

Power/Influence Grid

Influence/Impact Grid

Salience Model

Expert Judgement


Identify Stakeholder Outputs

Stakeholder Register

Plan Stakeholder Management

Plan Stakeholder Management Outputs

Stakeholder Management Plan

Manage Stakeholder Engagement

Manage Stakeholder Outputs

Issue Log

Change Requests


Control Stakeholder Engagement

Control Stakeholder Tools and Techniques

Information Management Systems


Control Stakeholder Outputs


Professional and Social Responsibility Concepts The Ethical Application of Project Management PMI-isms in Project and Social Responsibility Categories of Professional and Social Responsibility


July 15
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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